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Wheeeee. Last nights show was teeee-rific. I had a good ol' time! I thought perhaps I might be bored being by myself, but no. . . .I had much fun. :D

For those of you that want to know such things, Mark Green took his shirt off. lol.

Ummmmmmm, and Five Star Iris were kewl. I think he said they used to be Another Man Down. . either they used to be, or some members used to be. But they did alot of covers for the drunk Soldiers. Hehe.

Oh yes, and the 3 piece gay onion covered She Sells Sanctuary. Good shizzle.

The more I listen to them, the more I like. I mean, at first, I was like. . .ehhhhhh. I think Jeff's voice had to grow on me. But I ohsolove it now. Kind of like when I first heard LoSC, I was like. . ew. But then it grew on me. So. .yes. Yay for UNION_DRAG.
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