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so what's with the Amish Monkey?

was a question we received from the lovely Mark Dannells. We only told him the part that he is from Pennsylvania. Obviously. Hence, Amish-ness. The show was muy swell, except for those other guys who didn't want to leave, but, hey, they're okay, just not my cup of tea. I have to say, I was much more impressed with Union Drag last night than I was at their show at 10 High for Atlantis. I don't know why exactly, but last night was good ju-ju. I'm sold. And see, I drive good dammit. I got us home through the deer and foxes and cats and armadillos. You're just not used to *country* driving. And by that, we don't mean slow. Anyway, I think the next project, as we discussed last night, should be making Union Drag a sign. And Liz suggested they come play for us while we make it to inspire us. I also brought up an idea which I think would be lovely, but Mark Dannells shot it down : Union Drag in drag. He said there was no way he would EVER dress as a girl. . . Oh well. Maybe we could just have one member do it. I think that would rock. Questions? Thoughts? Comments?
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Heh heh...I had a blast with you guys last night. Even if your driving *DID* scare the ever-loving shit out of me. ;o) By the end of the night though,(you must admit)I was much less freaked out by it. I can't believe I missed that damn big buck standing on the side of the road. I think I was most impressed with that one country animal I saw. THE MAILBOX!! (Gad, I felt like a dumbass...lol)I'm on my way to pick up the pictures now, so hopefully there will be all sorts of Union Drag goodness. Thanks again for lettng my crash on your couch!! I felt much better when I woke up this morning. And my final words of wisdom....DAMN THOSE BASTARDS AT MCDONALDS!! >:o@
Mark Dannells is full of shit. Click here fora picture of the Amish Monkey in a skirt and fucking fishnets! I like the Monkey anyway, though.